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Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:08 am

I was really suprised today while reading CNN News website.

"Step Inside the Large Hadron Collider - Interactive Panorama" By Jeffrey Kluger featuring Peter McCready Panorama Imaging Work.

From the Photo Editors of ... =hp_c2#end

By right mouse clicking on Peter's panorama was pleasently surprised when I read that the Pano2VR Viewer was being used to drive the panorama.

I wrote a quick email to Peter McCready asking him about his panorama. He promply replied from Northern Ireland.

---- EMAIL ----
Greetings from Northern Ireland and hey, thanks for the kind words, makes it all worthwhile :)

Well spotted re TIME's use of Pano2VR, I use it solidly behind the scenes myself to handle format conversions and it'll also soon be completely running

As for a link in the Pano2VR forum, very kind of you indeed, please feel free :)


---EMAIL END ---
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