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Tue May 08, 2012 9:48 pm

Hi all,
Got asked this in the support e-mail, quite interesting so I thought I would share it with the forum. :D
The question was can you link by hotspots panoramas and objects. Well using QTVR you can, can't with Flash and HTML5 for the moment.

So heres how:

If you were to link a panorama to a panorama you would use area hotspots, add the title then in the URL text field enter the code below, the Target text field is left empty.

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A<pano.mov> T<myself> E<pan=0 tilt=0 fov=70 scale=tofit controller=true>
As you can see the first part is the file name of the next .mov file. The T bit or Target is Myself, so replacing the first .mov file. Then the E bit is all about the embedding, so when the new .mov opens you can set the pan, tilt and FoV, so set up pointing. The scale, tofit is to fit the window from the first panorama. The last bit is to show the controller as it says.
If you don't want to use the pan, tilt and FoV then just remove it from the code leaving the scale and controller.

If you want to link to an object.mov file you would use this:

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A<object.mov> T<myself> E<scale=aspect controller=true>
Again the first part is for the .mov file that will be opened, then T, myself an then Scale, but this time use, aspect. This will centre a smaller object in the panoramas window. Otherwise the object will stretch to fit distorting the image. Then the controller as before.

Tested and all works, I could click on a area hotspot in a panorama and open and object.mov then click on an area hotspot in the object and go back to the panorama.
Not sure show many people still use QTVR and if it will be of any use.
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