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Controller location in pano2qtvr in versions before 1.6.5

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 2:08 am
by Brian
Smooth, thanks for your reply, I have seen many of your other helpful contributions!

I have always had the controller swf in the right place. As Thomas willl know, there has been an issue up to version 1.6.5 with the positioning of the output pano from pano2qtvr when using his demo code to embed a panorama into a larger page, as with my site and some others for which I have seen quite a few queries which all boil down to this issue. After one of my suggestions in relation to the issue, Thomas released first version 1.6.5, which partially cleared the issue, and then v1.6.6 which ironed out one or two residual points.

What this post confirms in passing is that almost accidentally, the controller that I had never been able to make appear in my panos (which are masked or framed by my pages) suddenly did when I compiled my pano with v1.6.6 (primarily to get the pano position right), without moving any other code or files around, in particular the controller.swf. As I say, the controller file was (and is) always colocated with the html, ready to be referenced by the pano, and v1.6.6 made it appear. before, I think it was somewhere hidden in the masked part of my page instead of nicely in the bottom left hand corner of the pano core image.

So Thomas' work on getting the api right between the pano container and the host page also dealt with that. What I was asking him in this post, well after the event, was whether his PARK flash demo panos (three of them) were panos for which he had chosen the controller option or not. If he had (chosen the controller option), then he would need to compile each pano with v1.6.6 to get them to behave properly in embedded situations like my pages (ie other than in his own small blue frame); if he didn't (include the controller option) then if the demo panos (in the park tour) sre compiled with v1.5, say, it WOULD have had that controller issue if he HAD chosen the controller option! Either way we don't see a controller but I can't tell whether it was intended to be there or not. It isn't there on his own poage so I guess it wasn't chosen to be.

Sorry to get buried here in a logical argument, but at the time when v1.6.6 was released I was very grateful because I didn't like to continue toi build my pages with older versions of the code as the current version was moving a long. So as a good release it would be best to have the demo include a controller AND for its panos to be v1.6.6 ones to get everyone on the same - er - page.

Now we have pano2VR which is beta, of course. I think I've seen somewhere that there's a reason for not having the controller option in it (for now at least), but I haven't looked into that aspect. What I am very grateful for in pano2VR is the opportunity to input my old iPIX strips into it, output cubes, re-orient them into the pano2VR orientation and sequence and then input thos into pano2VR to create an equi and swf. As I said to Thomes, one might wonder why I'd want to do that, but in my iPIX years I didn't always bother to create equis, just cubic strips sometimes (as well as the .ipx) for editing purposes, and now that my iPIX s/w is dead, I have no way of reviving the ipx files. Thomas' new format conversion option helps out with retrieving those tours without re-stitching all thos hemis again.

Thanks again for your reply to my post, I hope this further explanation makes as much sense as I thought it did when I was writing it,

best regards,


PS next thing is to get my forum avatar to work - I tried uploading one to this site but all I get is the image missing icon!


Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 5:42 am
by smooth
Hi Brian,

Yeah mate fair enough, it was just something that crossed my mind when reading your post. I didn't study or test the fact. Personally I have never been bothered with trying to build a flash tour using Thomas' template because of all the hand coding. (on top of that I'm no flash guru) and I have other easier to use programs that do all of that sort of thing.

Good luck with your issue, I'm sure Thomas will set it right.

Regards, Smooth 8)

Pano display methods

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 6:25 pm
by Brian

What other methods do you have to display .swf panos? I have used PTGui and javascript for a panotools way of displaying equirectangular panoramas - all very Dersch-like - but there's not much around for Flash.

Thanks for your interest,



Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 9:49 pm
by carodani
thomas wrote:Is this a iP*x standard way to arrange the cube faces? If so, can you send me one of those beast and I can add the format directly because this may be useful also for other people and it should not be much work.
is that format been added only into pano2qtvr? have you read my topic about that awful format in pano2vr?