Trouble with sound in HTML5

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Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:21 pm

This is a newbie question. I've added sound both in the background and playing off a button
I've made in the Flash version and everything works as expected. I tried it in HTML5 and
can't get either the background or the button to trigger the sound. I've changed the mp3 to
128 kps and 44.1 and it works fine in Flash. Just curious why I can't get it going in HTML5.
I just downloaded the latest version of Firefox version 11 and the pano works great but still no
sound (Win 7 64 bit).
Also when I'm doing the GotoUrl action what do I put when its still on my machine and
I'm trying to get it to link to another HTML file over within my file structure is there a ../../
type of thing available?
Thanks, love this software!
Ted Hildebrandt
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