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Hi everybody, I love Pano2VR is really the best option around but....

A client of mine gave me a bunch of "strip" to be converted to swf, the problem is that the strip are iPIX Cubic Strip Format, the layout of the image is totally different from the various inputs and outputs of Pano2VR, the images are in a different sequence and even rotation.

I've tried a solution but it's really a poor one, imported as horizontal strip, exported as cube faces, rotated and imported again as single faces in a different sequence, the big problem is that the blending is totally bad and the time needed is at least doubled....

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If you want fast, then unfortunately you must use native iPIX soft - iPIX Interactive Studio and remap to equirect (lossy quality)
Or sado-mazo convertion (cut, rotate etc.) by hands ... also write special batch action for PhotoShop (if you can coding automation)... other ideas, I do not know...
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