iPad, insufficient memory for a pano sequence?

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erik leeman
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Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:47 pm

What a bummer, I finally had everything working on my iPad: my good old ribbon compass, a fancy full screen button, switchable info hotspots, and even a hotspot linking to another pano.
But now it looks like that linked-to pano doesn't fit in iPad's memory, only three of its cube faces are visible after the switch : (

Here are some screenshots:

First pano

Second pano

(I am using GoodReader to store and display (fullscreen!) my panos on my iPad).

What cube face size would be the maximum for the iPad to successfully link a number of panos?
For now mine are 1920x1920 for reasonable display quality on a 'normal' screen, and although the iPad apparently scales them down internally, they still look okay on it.

Perhaps a better strategy would be to get rid of the cube faces of the 'host' pano from RAM before the new ones are loaded, only then could we create a sequence of an unlimited number of panos.
It would be a real shame if we cannot make proper use of the iPad's brilliant 1024x768 screen only because of memory limitations.

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