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Hello! Help is needed! Our 3D tour is played in the form of animation. The animation includes video and sounds alternately. We created buttons to play, pause and reset the animation to the initial version. But there is one problem - the animation is played on the touch screen. When the animation is playing, someone can touch anywhere in the panorama and the play button goes into pause mode, as if the animation had been stopped, but all other elements in the animation - video and sounds - continue their action. At the same time, our pause button stops all elements. But I can't find anywhere what is responsible for the event when someone touches the screen during the animation. The same applies to the case when the mouse clicks on the playing animation.
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Hi APolyakov,
To check our understanding are you saying if you have an animation timeline that also has variable tracks that trigger the video and sound events when the screen is touched the animation stops but the timeline still triggers the variable tracks and activates the sounds and videos?

This sounds very odd as when the timeline stops the variable track should not be triggered.
Are you triggering the videos and sounds a different way, so not using a variable track?

To stop touch interaction when an animation is playing, use an active container, permeable deselected, sized to 100% to cover the output while the animation is playing.
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