Advanced Skin - now for sale. Simplest way to make professional virtual tour with Pano2VR

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Hello colleagues

I have created a Pano2VR skin named “Advanced Skin” that you can use for your projects.

See more and buy: from my Shopify store: ... gory-menu

I've been crafting professional-level virtual tours for over ten years now. During this time, through experiments, usability tests, and customer feedback, I've gained a lot of valuable know-how about what makes a user-friendly virtual tour interface.

I've taken all the knowledge accumulated over this decade and created a Pano2VR skin that is intuitive, easy to use, and has a professional look. But it's also easily adaptable in the Pano2VR program - for different needs. Weather you need to showcase your own panoramas or make tours for your paying clients. The "Advanced Skin" will get you covered.

You can create the tour quickly using the droplet.
And its simple to customize the colors, fonts, replace or hide the logo.
It has a support for image and video hotspots and a choice of two different menus.
Also multilanguage support.

With 6 in-depth tutorial videos provided, you do not need extensive knowledge with Pano2VR to make the necessary customizations. Just follow the videos and you will create the tour easily.

You will get Figma design file as an extra. So if you happen to have high-end client, you can use the design file in the project planning phase. Video about customizing and sharing Figma file is also included.

I really belive that this skin is a great tool for creating good-looking and customizable virtual tours fast. So you can spend less time building actions and logic blocks and concentrate more on capturing beautiful panoramas 😉 .

Please find out more about the skin, and buy it - in my new Shopify e-shop: ... gory-menu
Please check my recent tours at:
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