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At the beginning of February Google had an issue that caused Pano2VR's Street View upload not to function correctly, tours missing from the Street View browser, tours disappearing and when uploaded no place or linking.
Last week we did a test, using Pano2VR to upload a three-node tour, the street view browser displayed the three nodes but then showed all were Maps Rejected.
On refreshing the tour, all three images vanished from the account, as displayed in the street view browser, and the panorama count was reduced by 3.
Testing today we are happy to report that this project is now back in Pano2VRs street view browser and all Maps Approved.
On Google Maps the tour is there with the correct place and all linked correctly.
View counts are not working just yet, but hopefully this will come shortly.
If you have issues similar to those described above then maybe you need to wait a little longer.
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