Still upload problems (due to Photo ID)

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I´ve checked all these forum articles concerning unsuccessful upload to Google streetview. No help for now and here are my data:

- using Panorama Tour Builder, Version: 7.0.9 64bit, Revision: 20024/6.2.6
- pano is 8kx4k without logo or any people on it
- access to Pano2VR granted to Google
- placing just 1 pano on Maps without using API
- also with vers 6 the upload of image and metadata seemed to be stucked, but transfer worked over there
- with version 7 after upload the online status is green, a place is given
- after transfer getting error message (photo ID xxx does not exist)
- in SV browser the image is visible, but with red x in maps status
- after actualizing the browser the image disappears, the online status is yellow
- selecting image in tour viewer and SV browser to connect them doesn´t help
- on contribiution page the 360 is visible, but getting no views on the counter
- trying to upload the image again a message says that there is no image available
- tried all after few hours of waiting, without success

For me the problem seems to be within a missing transfer of the photo id.

Are there any news or workarounds for this problem?
Thanks a lot for any help
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I have some photos uploaded and they appear on Maps, but without hotspot links between each other. They don't seem to appear in the browser after a few refreshes too.

Unlinking and linking my Google Account to Pano2VR does not seem to do the trick. I think there is something going on.

Edit: it seems I am not logging in. While logged in with all the checked boxes, after a reboot I am not logged in anymore. There it seems to miss the link with publishing / updating panorama ids.

Hope it get's fixed. In my experience it might take a few days and might work at that time.

For now it is frustrating to realise my workflow is vulnerable for these issues. It's certainly not the first time I have issues here.
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Thanks for your info.

I thought so, too. Found an older image with red cross status within the browser and randomly I logged out of my Google account within Pano2vr and after logging in again and resending metadata the status changed to green.
Found me 3 times in the upper connection window of the streetview menu (with my Google icon)
So I changed to Pano2vr vers 6 on my old pc to log out there first.
Everytime I connected to Google again I had to reaffirm the allowance to connect Google to Pano2vr. Seems that this connection is not stable.
But trying all log in/out combinations I could'n manage to activate my last 3 images that I've uploaded with version 7.
Hopefully it is a Google-problem that is solved very soon.
Javier B
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Hi again with this annoying bug.

The problem of publishing tours in Street View still remains after many months. It would be nice if it could be solved because with other sorting systems these problems do not happens. I have to resort to them constantly because I go crazy and I lose a lot of may time with the errors that Pano2Vr gives.

When publishing a tour, most likely only a percentage of the panoramas are associated to the business listing and the rest are published without any location. And so on, in dozens of customer tours for many months.

You guys are an amazing team, Please, solve it.

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Hi Javier,
This is a known bug with Google Street View.
It is not just Pano2VR that is affected, "other" software has issues as well.
It has been reported to Google.
We know if you log in to your Google Maps account you can upload your panoramas from there but that uses a different method of uploading than all us third-party providers.
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Javier B
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Hi Hopki.

One more time, many thanks for your support.

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