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Wed Oct 05, 2022 6:14 pm

When you have a multi-node project with a map or floor plan/s and you want to use the custom map pin you will get into a situation where the loading time of the project can be a bit slow.
This is due to the custom Map Pin, it uses two PNG images and has to be cloned for every pin in the map, so if you have a few hundred or thousands then it will take time to populate the map/floor plan with the pins.

To speed up load times please use the attached component which comes with two map pin PNG images.
The component uses the external loader, so the output only has to clone a text box and external loader which are both very light in size so the load time is reduced significantly.

To use:
Add the two Map Pin images to the web outputs assets.
Then add the component to your skin.
The external image loader is looking for the images in the assets folder.

Select the Map element that will use the map pin and under Clone as market select: map_pin
Then under Pin Order select Bottom to Top as it uses a tooltip with is under the map pin.
The tooltip will now cover any map pins under the tooltip.

Remember if you move the tooltip above the map pin then you will need to set Pin Order to Top to Bottom.
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Thu Oct 06, 2022 8:25 am


It was bugging me about it.
It was a simple thing but I had no idea of the answer.
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