V7 - stuck on mobile --- Problem solved, but still interesting to see what went wrong....

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Thu Aug 04, 2022 10:13 pm

I solved the problem, but I still wonder what caused the problem...

The problem was caused by the last "screentint" in the skin. For a reason I don't know, it did disappear after the two clicks to get into the tour on PC, but that did not happen on mobile.
I solved it easily with an additional action in the button used to "Start virtual tour".

Moderators feel free to delete this topic if you think it's not interesting to further investigate.


I created this tour with Pano2VR7 beta 4a Revision 19550/6.2.4 on Windows 10.

https://360-bedrijfspresentatie.nl/pres ... 022-error/

It is still work in progress, but navigation works fine on PC. But on mobile device, it freezes after clicking the button "Start virtual tour". It looks like a screentint is blocking the screen, but I can't find which screentint that would be. I even removed the most likely one, but no result.

Attached are skin and project file.

The idea behind this tour is to have the first image with the 360 blinking logo visible on the clients website: https://embassyofthefreemind.com/en/amb ... -the-heads
(as you can see, they run a previous version of this tour).

After clicking the new 360 logo, the tour opens in full screen and the introduction text becomes visible. I chose this option because the client is using a (too) small iframe for the tour.

I tried to find any help in the forum and on Google, but could not find any useful information.

A second thing is that I find the loading time for this tour much longer than I am used to. I did not look further into it, but thought you might want to know.

Please advise. Thank you.

Erik Verheggen
efm-skinP2VR7 v16-014 - geupload.ggsk
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