Blue dots and not a smooth trace

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Hello everybody,

I bought and used PanoVR a while ago. I uploaded two mountain trails with the intention of starting a project but which are currently stopped.

These two panoramas are seen with blue dots and not uniform traces. I attach photos to understand.

I tried to contact google, to suggest the route, to add the "road", but nothing. Then I was a bit busy with work and waiting for google to fix the track I let some time pass. but nothing!

How can I make the track appear with a blue line?

Link per Google Map:, ... ,17z?hl=it

thanks for the help

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Blue dots are different with Blue lines,
U need upload mp4 with gpx file with google street view studio!
Transfer all nodes to jpg,than get the mp4 files…
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delete30, based on your statement, am I to understand that pano2vr CANNOT cause blue lines in GSV? I do not get blue lines, I get blue dots (and they are close enough...), so I'm looking into this.

I use another software base to do most of my GSV uploads (mp4+gpx files), but sometimes GSV rejects the tour. After a few tries and failures, I then turn to pano2vr and it always works, first time, very fast (like a couple of hours), BUT is only blue dots.

I haven't tried using pano2vr to set it all up including bearing (I don't do bearing in the other software, GSV does it auto), and then exporting the jpg's and then going back to the other software to upload. But I don't see any export in pano2vr? Do I have to upload the tour and then download from the pano2vr Street View Browser? (just a guess)

Thanks and any help in getting blue lines is appreciated.
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i think they are simply not close enough to generate the blue lines.
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They are close enough. ... ?entry=ttu shows some blue line tours that worked, and a couple of blue dot tours using the exact same methods, on the same day. So it's not a close enough problem? Maps shows the blue dots about 18 feet apart, and that's way less than required. Both the blue line and blue dot tours were taken in a kayak using a trolling motor at the same speed setting and same camera setting of 3 sec apart. And the batteries were not challenged at all. Please, any other thoughts. This is not a new problem, it started when Google said you had to upload videos, and Pano2VR does not, so it is my take that Pano2VR CANNOT create blue line tours. I hope I'm wrong and doing something way wrong. Oh, I started to do heading when using Pano2VR and it does not make a difference.
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