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Fri Jul 30, 2021 8:43 pm


I'm new to the Gallery component. I've watched the video and I'm still not sure how to use it. What I do are home inventories for insurance purposes. I create a virtual tour of the house, then embed galleries of photos for drawer and cabinet contents. Most of these virtual tours are done with online services but some clients have greater privacy concerns and want a standalone inventory.

Here's an example of what I do need to do:
To see a gallery, click on Entry, then Hallway, then turn right and click on Hall Pantry.

I have 30 of these to embed. Image counts vary from 1 image to over 50.

Are there any written step by step instructions? That would be much easier for me than the video.
Can I embed more than one gallery per pano? I need to, some have 4 or 5. How do I do that?
How do I handle the variable image counts? It seems like I tell the component in the skin how many images there are, so it seems I have to create a separate component each number of images?

I have downloaded your Gallery project using Pano2VR as the gallery builder, and am trying to learn from it. While editing a hotspot for a gallery, I can't see how you connect to or reference a gallery. There's nothing in properties, that I see, that makes that connection of placing the gallery in that hotspot?

Any help is appreciated.
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Sun Aug 01, 2021 7:53 pm

Since my original post, I have used your Gallery Project and am able to do what I wanted, multiple galleries on a single pano. Thank you.

However, in using ht_gallery my images display HUGE. Bigger than the display window. Even when I change gallery_display to be only 50% of the screen. Only show a portion of my image will display and I can zoom in on it, but I can't zoom my images out to see the entire image. As far as I can tell I've imported them correctly, they are flat images that are 2048 x 1367, not much larger than the ones in your example.

Any help is appreciate.
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Mon Aug 02, 2021 1:43 pm

This is controlled in the external image loader settings: ... nt-scaling
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Tue Aug 03, 2021 8:35 pm

In your example of 2 galleries, when I create each gallery, your skin has “loader” in it. Which I assume is the external image loader. It doesn’t have scaling parameters to control image size.

In the Simplex gallery component, it does have the ability to edit the scaling parameters. Why the difference?

That is why I was asking about the scaling, your example doesn’t include that capability. See attached screen shot.

Also, your recent example doesn't have an image counter, but the Simplex gallery component does. Given I have 30 galleries with a variable number of images, it would seem that using the simplex component I have to create a separate gallery component for each different number of images in a gallery. For example, a 3 image gallery, a 5 image gallery and a 29 image gallery. Is that true? It would be much simpler for me to not have the image counter. But I can't use your recent example without the image counter because I can't control the image size.

Is it possible to have a single gallery component that handles a variable number of images? how?
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Wed Aug 04, 2021 7:46 pm

Don't worry about answering this. I just posted a request for help under commercial. If you know someone who could build these components for me, for a fee of course, please connect us. Thank you!
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