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Mon Jan 13, 2020 6:35 pm

Following a request from the Facebook user group please find attached a project that has an e-mail form in the skin.

How it works, firstly it has two variables in the skin which are:
var_email and var_message which are both text variables.

How this works is in teh skin tree the E-mail Address text box has a code that states its an input type "text".
This allows you to enter text in the box.
Then it goes on to say that "onchange" write the text to the variable var_email variable.

The text box in teh skin called Message also has code but this time its a "textara" so allows more than one line.

So basically the text you enter in the boxes ends up in the variables var_email and var_message.

The send E-mail button has the action:
Source: Mouse Click
Action: Go To URL
URL: mailto:$(*var_email)?&subject=Sent from panorama $(ut)&body=$(*var_message)
Target: _self

I also added a warning text box that pops up if either of the text boxes has no input text.
It also has the subject that reads the nodes user data-title and says which panorama you were in when you sent it.

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Thu May 14, 2020 10:27 pm

HI @Hopki
For the email, shouldnt the field "your email" be the email of the sender so the variable is assigned to mail from rather than mail to?
Mail to would be the email of the owner ( example : or of the tour so any visitor can send an enquiry. How do we program this in?
Many thanks,
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