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Mon Nov 11, 2019 3:31 pm

Hi guys, need peoples help again.. We have got hold of a samsung gear vr R325 and are using it with a samsung A9.. The panoramas work fine apart from the handset won't activate the pinned animations, this also goes for the 'gaze' method, animations play ok if started automatically, but ideally we want the user to 'click' on them. I have set them up with a pinned animation and polygon hotspots, the hotspots show text on mouse over and then the animations play when clicked, this is on the computer and they work fine, with the headset the hotspots show the text but the animations don't do anything. Does the click to play option for pinned video not work with headsets? Also I want to use a basic sans serif font like arial for the text so I included some basic html in the text field... like <font='arial'><B> this works on pc but in the headset the code shows as well?... One more question:-) We are close to getting the full license, it is not me that will be purchasing it but the woman who the project is for, she lives in N.Yorks and I live in London, it is me however that will be using it, is there any problem with this?... Thanks

I have just found out that video failing to play is an issue with tourviewer and should be fixed for the next update..
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