Video Intro and mobile VR Issue

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Video Intro and mobile VR Issue

Post by zeus360 » Sat Oct 12, 2019 1:16 pm

Hi There! I have tried my best to create a video intro for a simple 2 node virtual tour. The video has been placed as a layer in the skin. The video has audio and therefore does not autoplay so I have created an overlay graphic saying "click to begin" which has an action to remove itself and show the video and the showing of the video also causes it to play - nice! The video also has 2 actions of "hide element _self" for both mouse click and media ended.

All good so far I believe. Is this the correct way of doing this so far in your opinion? I ask the question because...... As soon as you press the enter VR button on mobile and the cardboard instructions appear you can hear the audio from the video. Odd! Then when you rotate the device to enter VR you can see the intro video playing in front of you within the tour! And you can't get rid of it either.

I have also tried setting visibility to false on the intro video when trigger VR Active is equal to true. This does not work either.

Here's a link to the tour:

Any advice on why the video is re-appearing or if I have simply added it incorrectly and that's why it's re-appearing would be much appreciated! :D

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