ANNOUNCEMENT World Wide Panorama - Fall Quarter (4) IV Best of 2019

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ANNOUNCEMENT World Wide Panorama - Fall Quarter (4) IV Best of 2019

Post by 360Texas » Sun Oct 06, 2019 5:55 pm

Announcement - WWP Jubilee Anniversary. This is an "Q IV (4) " EVENT not a competition. Professional and novice Panorama photographers from around the world are encouraged participate:

Learn more about this Theme and other Themes ... /Join.html

Point of interest we started with the WWP June 20, 2004 and have contributed 62 panoramas.

Partial Email text:
The World Wide Panorama (WWP) should have celebrated its 15th anniversary this spring. Instead it faced a major disaster. However, we managed to solve all problems and a new management team is in charge who brought it back on track and is looking forward to improve it over time.

As a late jubilee we'd like to invite you to contribute once more to the ongoing event "Continuity" and also to the upcoming events, the next being "Best of 2019" (open for upload and edit not later than November).

If you left panorama art and business since your last contribution, please pass the information on to anyone you know doing panoramas.
LINKS: ... index.html

To login to your account OR get a NEW account to participate:

Login - provide your user name and your password of your choice and upload it to the WWP Contribution Server

[This announcement will expire in 90 days - End date of WWP Event panorama Best of 2019 uploading period]
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