seekbars for different audios in one node

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seekbars for different audios in one node

Post by canyondemars » Wed Jul 10, 2019 4:52 pm

Hello everyone,
it is nice to come this community. I'm currently working on a project with Pano2VR and got some questions. I'm not very technical myself so hope I can put the problem clearly enough.

I'm trying to put an audio guide with multiple audio clips in my pano tour. I already figured out how to put multiple audio clips in one node (namely in one picture) and to control them with different hotspots. My problem comes when I want to add a separate seekbar for each audio clip.

The seekbar works well when there is only one audio in one node. Then the seekbar "media element" is _background and I don't give the audio a different ID for itself (I use _background also as ID). But if there are two or more audios (namely, sound) in one node, it totally gets messed up. If I give two audios different IDs, the "media element" to _background doesn't work.

I can also write down the separate ID of the audio clip like clip_2 in the "media element", but then the seekbar only works for that specific audio clip, not others.

The seekbar is listed as a child of the hotspot I use specially for control audios. I tried to use the description of this special hotspot and write down $hd in the media element for seekbar in the skin, but it didn't work. Does anyone know how I can put multiple seekbars for different audios in one node without creating different skins for each audio clip? Thanks all in advance.


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