Google not uploaded fully and Google Anayltics for Maps?

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Sat Jun 08, 2019 3:09 pm

Hi All, wonder if anyone can help and shed some light on a couple of problems. I've just created a tour of 150ish images, that I've uploaded to Google Maps and wondered

1 - several areas aren't showing up on google maps as the blue dots, but if you hover the little google man in location, they are there. I've removed and re-uploaded the tour but no luck. They have been on-line 36 hours now and its maybe 50% of a 150 image tour not showing.

2 - The links between the tour images have only worked maybe 3-4 times. the other 95% havent linked. I've been reading and wondered if distance may be the reason as they are typically 7-12m apart, but I've seen tours where this isn't an issue and a test tour we did locally with 10 points over a similar distance worked fine a month ago? Is there a way to manually link them as I cant find any way to remedy?

3 Is there any Google Maps analytics's equivalent for Google Street tours. I can find the total views, but wanted to get information on what images popular when and historical information? The data obv exists but I've spent hours looking for a way to get it other than a total?!

Any help much appreciated.
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Fri Jun 14, 2019 7:01 pm

Please have a look at similar posts in this forum, namely 503 errors, Google has issues at the moment with uploading metadata so links not working.
However, uploading one image at a time works.
When you upload a tour the Street View Browser will show you view counts.
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