Goto Previous Panorama with Previous Pan/Tilt/FoV

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Goto Previous Panorama with Previous Pan/Tilt/FoV

Post by kinema » Sat Dec 29, 2018 10:11 am


We created a tour trough a vehicle where we the user can click on cover plates to see whats behind (as instruction for technicians).
These behind the cover detail pictures are not added as ImagePopups but instead additional "flat" panoramic pictures so the user can zoom in to a high level of detail which is needed.

But in order to go back to the panorama, I would like to add a closing "X" button so that if they leave the photo back to the panorama,
the previous Pan/Tilt/FoV is had before. In the skin editor, I added an Button:

Event: Mouseclick
Action: Open Panorama
URL: {$(back)}
Pan/Tilt/FoV: $(bwd)

By chanching the "North" value of the detail picture, I am able to get the the correct panning.
Is there a way to get also the Tilt?

Of course, one possibilty would be to add another hotspot in the detail picture with target Pan/Tilt/FoV values. But this is not very user friendly since I would like to have a static closing "X" always on the top right corner.

Or does anyone have another solution for this?

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Goto Previous Panorama with Previous Pan/Tilt/FoV

Post by Hopki » Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:07 pm

Hi Norbert,
You can use a text variable to store the value for the Pan/Tilt and FoV
So the close button can then have the back action using the pan tilt FoV stored in the variable.
Please see attached project.

The Project
The project has five nodes, the first three are 360 panoramas and the last two are flat image nodes.
All nodes have user data titles set and the two flat image nodes have the tag: popup.

The three 360 nodes have hotspots that link them together.
In node one and three you will see hotspots that go to the flat image nodes, these are found on the word North in the panos.

The Skin
I used modified components so the ht_node component and the ht_image component, I just deleted the elements I did not need.

The hotspots that link to the 360 nodes are using the hotspot template ht_image.
The hotspot template that opens the flat image nodes use ht_popup.
This is so I can use different graphics and actions for the point hotspot that will go to the flat image nodes.
The skin has the variable: popup_angle, type Text. The others are from the components but are not important for this project.

How it works
The hotspot temple ht_popup has two actions:
• Mouse Click, Open Next Panorama, Hotspot URL, Default View
• Mouse Down, Set Variable Value, popup_angle, Set(=), $(ap)/$(at)/$(af)

The placeholder $(ap) reads the pan angle of the panorama (angle pan).
$(at) reads the tilt and $(af) reads the FoV.
So on mouse down the current pan, tilt and FoV is stored in the variable.

The Close Button, visible is deselected and has the visible logic block: Tags contain popup, Visible: true
So as the flat image nodes have the tag: popup, the button will show only in these nodes.

The close button has the action: mouse click, open next pano, {$(back)}, $(*popup_angle)
Note: you can select URL: Last Visited Node, but then you will need to select Expert Mode and enter: $(*popup_angle)
This is the placeholder that reads the variable value.

So when clicked you will go back to the node you came from and use the pan, tilt and FoV that was stored in the variable.

Useful links:
List of placeholders
placeholders in the skin

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Re: Goto Previous Panorama with Previous Pan/Tilt/FoV

Post by kinema » Sat Jul 13, 2019 3:46 pm

Hi Hopki

Finally, after a long break, I just tested your solution and it works perfect! Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

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