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Remove Key

Post by TourVista » Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:49 pm


I purchased Pano2VR Pro a couple of days ago and I used the Key provided in an email.
I was greatly surprised to find that the software can edit and submit virtual tours to Google StreetView. This is extremely useful for my company, and we're planning to use PanoVR exclusively for this purpose.

Because it's my business partner the person in charge of that area, I'd like to transfer the one user license to him. In other words, he will be the only person using the software and the key.

My question is, if I click on the button Remove key in the preferences dialog, will my business partner able to use that key on the pano2VR installed on his computer?

Many thanks,


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Re: Remove Key

Post by Hopki » Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:05 pm

Hi Rafael,
Ideally the licence should be in the name of the person using it but in this case it will be fine but you will need to remove the key from your computer.
I can not see your license at the moment as I am out and about but if it’s in the name of your company then that’s would be good. If not, the next time you add a user or do an upgrade you can ask to have the name changed on the new license. You use the additional comments text box as you check out.
Any problems please e-mail into

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