Street View 'Place' does not populate or search

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Street View 'Place' does not populate or search

Post by RobH2 » Fri Jun 29, 2018 4:46 pm

I couldn't find a thread that discussed this but the 'Place:' function in Goole Street View does not populate or search for me.

I'm using P2VR 6 Beta 3. I have linked my Google account and authorized it for P2VR. I have a working and linked tour, all links with good GPS. I select my tour images and click the "Plus" icon for 'Place:' under 'Current Panorama' and get the 'Search' box. However, nothing happens. No matter what I put in the search field, the display below remains blank. I have a good connection to the internet. I don't get any warnings or crash. So, I just close it and am back to my workspace.

When could I be doing wrong or what might I not have configured correctly?
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Re: Street View 'Place' does not populate or search

Post by Hopki » Sat Jun 30, 2018 11:41 pm

I have moved this topic to the correct forum.
Just to confirm using V6 you can login to your account and see panoramas in your street view browser.
The Tour map shows and everything works except the place listing.

If I type in "Baltimore" I get the same thing so this is down to Google.
If you have geo located your panoramas if you remove all the text in the search text field what does it look like?
It should show places close to the location.

In Google search "Google Place Finder", you should see PlaceID Finder | Maps JavaScript API | Google Developers.
Use this website to find your place. This should give you the Place ID, copy and paste this into Pano2VR's search box.

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