Building a start up screen with option to enter using Pano2vr

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Building a start up screen with option to enter using Pano2vr

Post by RLemen » Mon May 14, 2018 3:30 am

Hello everyone,

I have a question for any of you developing sites using this software. I am not an experienced coder but I am a game designer and VR designer working with coders. However, I want to build my own projects without much assistance from any coders on the basic level just getting sites up and running. There are many widgets I would love to be able to build into these nodes, a store platform, gaming elements to make the nodes feel more immersive, etc.
However, these take coding expertise which I do not currently have the skills for. But, I would at least like to build out pages with these Pano2 Tours starting the site with a start screen with an option to click into the tour space.

I have currently built out a few fantastical tours that are all painted out in photoshop and would like to share them, sorta like dormant Myst video game experiences. I want them to be click in to a full browser size screen to begin the experience, or just click on a static home page screen and launch in.

are there tutorials, or is there a way for me to do this without a lot of code experience necessary? Does it change per host? Currently I am a Wordpress user and build sites with it, and I have built a few with Square Space but am not particularly impressed with the platform. If I had this skill I could at least share the tours I have as proof of concept for this type of site.

Any help is greatly appreciated, any links, or redirects for me to research and watch, and advice, etc. is greatly appreciated.

Thank you all and thank you GG for the great software.

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