Properties and other panels issue-

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Properties and other panels issue-

Post by mbb » Mon May 14, 2018 12:02 am

P2VR v6 b2, Win10

When text cursor is left within a text field of the Properties or other panel, hitting "Ctl-S" to save does not save. One has to hit "Ctl-S" twice, first to de-focus text field, the second time to actually save. Additionally, any change made in the text fields does not reflect a "*" in window title. Only when the cursor is de-focused from the field does it show this.

"*" should show immediately upon any new changes, and Ctl-S should save immediately on first try regardless if the cursor is in a text field or not.

This has already caused confusion when I have typed a new value in a field, and hit "Ctl-S" thinking that it was saved when it was not.

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