Way to load the pano before the hotspot images

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Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:09 am

For the purpose of what I am trying to do let's say I have two panos which are exactly the same image. (not sure if that really matters in regards to loading cached tiles)

When I link from the first pano to the second pano, the hotspot items in the skin and images associated with those hotspots for the second pano load before the pano itself.

Is there a way to force the pano image to load first? Is it possible to use the "loaded levels at startup" for that specific pano (second pano)to force it to show before the hotspot images? (If so is there a specific number of levels that might work?)

Currently, what is happening is that when the user jumps from the first pano to the second pano, the hotspot images slowly come into view, then the pano loads.

(I have a solution if I only use 1 pano, but for other reasons, this needs to be developed as 2 panos)

Any thoughts?
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Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:04 pm

Hi Geoffrey,
You can use a variable and logic blocks to do this, using the loaded and reload source actions in a container with a set variable value action.
The the hotspot can have under the Alpha logic block when variable = true change alpha to 1.
When a reload is detected change alpha to 0, then on loaded set back to 1.
However this will only work when using single resolution as multi resolution tiles are loaded separately.
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