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Fri Mar 27, 2009 1:19 pm

Hey Thomas,

IM not sure if this has been mentioned before so sorry in advance just in case. I had an idea for by way of audio hotspot's the other day, I was talking to a property agent that was trying to come up with a solution for visual inventories for there properties to protect both landlords & tenants. they are currently using dvd's to document items or damage in each room.

I demo'd a 360 pano & they agreed would be a better solution if they could use hotspots to start a small 5-10sec audio on an item of interest. Going a bit further with this it would be great for education & tourism if we can attatch small audio files to hotspots increasing the interactivity of a tour, If im write currently we can only add one audio file per tour.

Q: Does this sound like a good concept for P2Vr for a later version?

Q: Are there any immediate problems with that idea? file size etc.

Q: Can we do this already & i've just not picked up on it yet lol?

Your thoughts please :)
erik leeman
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Sun Mar 29, 2009 6:10 pm

Q: Can we do this already & i've just not picked up on it yet lol?
Yes, we can do this already & you're probably not the only one who hasn't picked up on it yet.
Since we can show (external) videos inside our Pano2VR Flash panoramas we can also add sound!
If you have access to a Flash editor you can make an .flv or .swf video file with only sound and no (real) image.
The downside to this method is the fact that no Pano2VR skin element can control your (video) sounds directly, so they need to bring their own start/stop/rewind buttons.

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Mon Mar 30, 2009 12:54 am

Hi Erik how’s things?
I had a play with sound in my swf files a while back when I made the animated arrows and the quit command.
Due to the lack of control I did not peruse it. :(

However using the action “Set Text” to call a place holder, you could use a button or point hotspot to start playing a swf file and using the “Set Text” to delete/change the place holder to stop or change the swf file.
Unfortunately you can not pause it. Only play from the start and stop.

I am waiting to see what Thomas will do in the next release as I think he mentioned it would have sound support.

Having said that I think Object2VR needs some much needed updates first.

All the best
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