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Hi there.

I have a file with mutlplte sound media which plays when clciking different buttons
within same single pano.
Is there a way that once the next button is pressed it will automatically stop previous media which was playing. I know you can do this manually wiht "stop media "element", but would be handy when you have a lot of different media with in pano. Thanks Greg :D
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Hi, if your media uses a common naming convention such as Element01, Element02, etc., you would add a Stop Media action to the play button.
Knowing that actions get triggered in order starting from the top and working down, you would add the stop action first and then the play action.
The stop media action would use a regular expression to stop all media first, then play the single media file you want.

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Hi Hopki.

Thank you for replying on a Bank Holiday!
Will give this a go.

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