The number of hits for the virtual tour does not count

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Hey. Hey,
I updated a customer's virtual tour last week. After a few months he changed the interior and we took pictures of the brand new tour. PLus used a few spheres from the original tour where nothing was changed. I removed the entire original tour and uploaded a new one. Everything went standard, one 360sphere was out of the tour, it helped to update the metadata. But unfortunately for this new tour, it doesn't count hits at all. Both on the web in Google maps, there is no view count for any sphere and the Pano2VR app in the tour viewer, there are 0 views for this tour. The tour has 63 spheres and the previous tour had about 300 views per day.
Has anyone addressed this, this is the first time I'm seeing it :D. It's not a major issue, I just like to use it to write to customers after a while how the tour is doing and that it made sense to buy the tour.
Many thanks and have a great day.
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Reported to Google, so I'll see what happens. Hopefully they won't block my account like the last time I dealt with a Streetview bug. :twisted: :roll:
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Moved topic to the correct forum.
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