pano2vr7 b3 - broken on Linux + Wine

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Hi support,

I'm using Linux and Wine for my pano development. PtGui / Photomatix work beautifully, and until recently, so did Pano2vr.
Pano2vr6 worked nicely, and so did Pano2vr7 beta 1 & 2 - but b3 is, unfortunately, unusable.

Initially, my system was Linux and Wine 5. But Pano2vr b3 would crash whilst launching. So, I re-built my system to use the latest stable, Wine 7. Now Pano2Vr7 b3 opens, and I can start building a project. But within 10 minutes or so, the skin editor starts crashing, every time it's opened. When the skin editor crashes, the entire app crashes.

Once the editor starts crashing - I delete the output folder, switched to a default skin, save the project, close Pano2Vr, re-open it, re-build the project, and sometimes this would resolve the problem. However, before long, even this process does not work. It's taken 2 days to build a one node project, with three info nodes.

I've sent a core dump to support, hopefully a solution can be found. If you need any further information, please let me know.

Many thanks,
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Hello Marcus.

Any luck with Panovr 7 with Wine ?

Is this issue solved?

I am using windows 11 and I whant to leave the system to Linux , but there are some packages that I still have to use on windows.

I would love to know if the panoVR7 is working properly on linux/wine

Best regards
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Pano2VR v6 ran on Linux (there was even an official package), which is why I purchased the software. When the initial Pano2VR v7 betas came out (1&2), I tested them, and because I had no issues, I upgraded to V7.

Sadly, from Pano2VR v7 beta 3, Gnome changed the GUI framework, and for the next year or so, the product was never stable on Linux & Wine.

I was told by Gnome support Pano2VR v7 should work under Linux and Wine, but unfortunately it was never stable. I wasted weeks trying different configurations and packages to make Pano2VR v7 stable under Wine. In response to this query, Gnome support told me (a) they do not officially support Linux and (b) they had a lot of work to carry out on v7, and they didn't have the time to look at compatibility with Linux and Wine. Gnome told me the team may look at this in the future, but to my knowledge, 2 years after this query was raised, there's been no effort to increase Wine compatibility. Gnome suggested I ask the Wine developers to help investigate the issue.

Unfortunately, as Pano2VR v7 is unworkable for me, and there's no likelihood of improvement, I had to move to a different software solution.

Essentially, my business lost £450 due to changes in the Pano2VR v7 software framework, as the software was working with Linux when I purchased it.
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