Trying to incorporate a 3D model into a pano tour

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Here's a 3D model based on CAD files generated by Cubicasa, modified in Blender to include the drone photo "ground" shot and room titles. I would love to somehow be able to incorporate this into a Pano2VR tour!

Hotspots over each of the room titles linking to panoramic scenes would be ideal, but I have no idea how this could be accomplished.

I see there's at least one product that allows you to combine 3D models and panoramic images into one tour - ... stom-html/

Are there any plans to implement such a thing in Pano2VR?
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Poking around the internet, I've found a few things that allow a user to combine 3D models with other media for web presentation, but, of course, the best thing would be to see this feature implemented in Pano2Vr!

CubiCasa, the floor plan app, now offers CAD files I can use for creating 3D models of homes, and it would be great to create a "dollhouse" view of the home that links to panorama images of the rooms.
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Hey DMcKinney,

I have some experience with 3D models in tours. I used this model viewer developer page ( to create html pages that I could use for iframes within tours. You can make interactive clickable hotspots in the editor for information to pop up within the iframe, but have not figured out a way to make hotspots that change nodes. There's a lot of information on that page with examples you can play around with and can help with what you are trying to accomplish.

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the first thing that comes to mind is to make a set of renderers from the model, combine them into Object2VR and place active points on each render that open a virtual tour in the iframe. you will have to work hard with the points, because you will have to place them on each render
but there are also advantages: faster loading of the "3D model", playback even on the weakest PCs, renderings can be made photorealistic
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