Indoor tours without GPS data

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Hello everyone!

I am facing troubles with an indoor google street view tour due to a lack of GPS data.
I know how to build GSV tours inside pano2vr and how to manually set the nodes on the map so google can link them in case of missing gps data (thanks to the brilliant documentation/videos). But how are you guys doing it inside a building? The gps data I can fetch inside is very inaccurate or not avaiable at all, but setting the nodes manually through the silhouette/satellite view in pano2vr is very inaccurate as well, especially when it comes to smaller or multi-floor buildings. So I guess that's also not the way how people do it.

I couldn't find any posts on it but lots of accurate indoor tours, so I suppose there's an easy solution which I was too blind to find. So I'd be very thankful if someone could enlighten me!

Thanks a lot in advance!
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Hi Petterson,
To get very accurate Location Data you can Geolocate a Floor Plan to Maps.
This then acts like it's embedded into maps and any pins dropped onto the Floor Plan will get the Location Data from the map/floor plan.

See: ... /tour-map/

Also this webinar:

If you don't have a floor plan then you will just have to best guess it using the satellite view.
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Hey Petterson, you can try to use Google connect nodes feature in Pano2VR and manually set node and use linking to create a seamless experience.
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