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The following links are examples of my 360° tours, further enhanced using HTML, CSS and Javascript:

1. A garden restaurant in Iran:
Just the intro of it... I have watched and enjoyed it more than 40 times myself, one of my best jobs. You can book tables as well.

2. IFMARK (Iran's Largest Sports Medicine Clinic) :
IMPORTANT: in this project, the client asked for an ability to navigate to a destination panorama with only relevant hotspots showing while doing so; this was not originally in pano2vr or any other VR application, so i had to develop that myself. From the ☰ menu > Pano List, turn on navigation, then choose a destination panorama and test it for yourself.

3. Dorna Food Industrial Groups (Irans first and one of the largest cake factories):

- all the options are placed in ☰ menu with their respective descriptions for a simpler and more neat look.

- introducing return button: In the above examples of my tours, you'll find a back button in the buttom-right of the screen when you changed the panoramas, it will bring you back to the panoramas you went to in order and with the exact same view when nodes were changed, a very useful option which i developed myself.

Contact me
Telegram: @kiafaraji
SMS & Call: +989907724572
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