Virtual Reality Floorplan and Floating skin menu with Oculus Quest 2

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Creating my tour for virtual reality with Oculus Quest 2 and i have two issues:
1) Is it possible to trigger the floating menu button on start of virtual tour, so the interface will show-up?
2) Is it possible to trigger the pop-up image on the start of the virtual reality? I want to add an image of the controller which will dissapear with time to show that you need to click the grip to open the navigation
3) My floorplan is blank white rectangle. Iam using PNG with transparent background and in simple chrome view it works fine, but in Oculus Quest virtual reality it is blank. Tried to use JPG - but nothing changed
Attached screenshot from oculus quest 2 VR and from desctop chrome version.
correct floorplan.jpg
correct floorplan.jpg (145.46 KiB) Viewed 66 times
oculus quest blank floorplan.jpg
oculus quest blank floorplan.jpg (200.47 KiB) Viewed 66 times
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VR Tours in Quest Browser/VR are quite limited and Floor plans are not supported. Only point hotspot elements are supported (except PDF, URL, and youtube/vimeo hotspots are not supported). You could try to add the floor plan as a pinned image. But it'll be just that.
See: ... export-vr/
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