ARIA and Keyboard Shotcuts on hotspots.

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I just tried some accessible-things and have a few questions:
• In a tour I have set the Tab index of my hotspot-buttons to "0". When I hit in the browser the tab key and then the enter key the hotspot-btn is activated. That works. But the rectangle around the hotspot that is decribed in the manual is missing. In chrome browser I found in the preferences the possibility to highlight active elements. But this highlight is small and short timed. Nothing someone with bad eyes could use. How do disabled persons work this out?
• One error occurs sometimes when I switch the hotspots with the tab-key: once in a while all hotspots (plus Navigation bar and all fix elements) are suddenly somewhere else. When I turn around or press tab again the hotspots return to their places.
With some testing I found out: 1. normally the tab key only activates elements that are visible in the moment. For example when I have two hotspots then the tab has 3 different locations (the two hotspots and the browser address input). Sometimes when I rotate my viewing direction so that I don't see one of the two hotspots then this error occurs when the tab key activates the non-visible hotspot. When I turn again and see both hotspots at the same time then the error doesn't happen.
• in addition I filled in everything in the ARIA-fields (description,...) but nothing could be read in my browser except of the "role" (read by macOS VoiceOver). How the text informations are activated?
• I experimented with keyboard shortcuts and found out that only shortcuts for elements that are fix on the screen work. It doesn't work with hotspots. Is that correct or how can hotspots be activated (I know that there could be a conflict if there are two hotspots in the same panorama).

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What is Overview. ARIA is a W3C specification that stands for “Accessible Rich Internet Applications.” It consists of markup that can be added to HTML in order to communicate the roles, states, and properties of user interface elements to assistive technologies (AT).

Are you trying to get Garden Gnome Pano2vr to comply to this ARIA standard ? Just a thought.
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I just found the accessibility-section of each element in the skin-editor. So I thought that Pano2VR is trying to comply to the ARIA standard. Or for what other use is this section?
And because I don't know how and with which software disabled persons watch internet pages my question is how to use this section and how it works.

Best, Heiko
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Hi Guys,
This is used for screen readers, so as you select/tab to an element the screen reader will say what the element will do.
Of course, you have to enter in the title and description.
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