How to enable autorotate for equirect panos?

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Hi all,

stupid question, but I haven't used Pano2VR in ages and have a hard time finding some basic settings...

I'd really appreciate a reminder/tip on how to enable/set the autorotation for a pano, to enable a slow horizontal turning motion similar to this one:

Ideally, I'd like the autorotate to stop once the user clicks on the pano.
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Select web output and in the properties panel you will see Autorotate.
You then have a few settings, see: ... roperties/

Of you can use the Animation editor to produce what the person see:
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Thank you, that worked perfectly.

I there a way to add autorotate to existing .ggpkg files?

We have some old projects were the projects files themselves are missing, but the .ggpkg files exist.

I figured I could add the required XML, recompress the archives and change the filetype from .zip to .ggpkg, but that doesn't work (WP doesn't link up the controlling XML).

Is there a way to accomplish this?
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