Where to ftp large ggpkg in Wordpress?

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Sat Jun 20, 2020 2:27 am


Sorry if this is said elsewhere. I did search first.

Exactly what folder location do you ftp your large ggpkg to in Worpress so the plugin can locate it? E.g. /wp-content/uploads/ folder? I tried that and it did not show up in the media library.

Thank you in advance,
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Sat Jun 20, 2020 7:18 pm

The Garden Gnome package HAS to go through the media uploader on WordPress in order for the plugin to process the files the way it's supposed to. So, you need to make the .ggpkg file small enough to fit!

The best way to do it is to zip everything in your output folder EXCEPT the tiles folder, which is where the vast majority of the data resides. Once you've created a zip file from the contents of your output folder (sans "tiles" folder), rename that .zip file to "your-name-here.ggpkg" and upload that to your WordPress site via the standard method. It ought to be small enough to go through the media library uploader.

Once you upload the ggpkg file through the media library uploader, the plugin will automatically create a directory in your current "uploads" folder named after the .ggpkg file's name. You need to get your tiles into that folder now.

Now you can zip your tiles folder and upload it it to the tour folder that's been automatically created in the uploads folder at your WordPress site. Then it needs to be unzipped once it's up, et voila, you will have duplicated the contents of your Pano2vr output folder on your WordPress site.
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for uploading i'm working now with a very simple php script called "file unzipper" (https://github.com/ndeet/unzipper) because the wordpress plugin seemed too cumbersome due to upload limitations and such. you only need to replace all entries of "zip" to "ggpkg" in the script, so it recognizes them as a zip and handle it correctly.

you can ftp upload the whole ggpkg, and put the php script in the same directory. then call the php script in your browser. you can enter the unpack directory when unzipping.

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Tue Jun 23, 2020 7:14 pm

Hi Kelly,
For a no-fuss way with your WordPress.org website I always do this:

1) Make my tour using HTML5, but under the HTML tag of the HTML5 output, I select the Edit Tamplet button and select Create Files for external embedding.
Please see: https://ggnome.com/doc/output-template-normal/

2) Once you have your output folder, open it and select only the files and not any of the folders, once selected right button click and zip them up, how will depend on the flavour of computer, Mac or Windows. I seem to recall on Windows its Send To => Zip, on the Mac is just Compress xx number of files.
Anyway, once you have a zip file rename it to your prefered package name and change the file extension from .zip to .ggpkg.

You have just made a Garden Gnome Package, but without any of the images so it should only be a few KB in size.

Login to your WordPress account and using the Media uploader add your package, this should upload very quickly.
Once done you then need to open your FTP client and open the extracted folder in your website, the path will be similar to this:

Code: Select all

Then open the folder with the name of your package.
Now upload the large folders.
Once uploaded you can disconnect the FTP, go back to WordPress and add the package to a post as normal.
There is a video that shows this, but could not lay me hands on it.
Garden Gnome Support
If you send an e-mail to support please send a link to the forum post for reference.
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