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Fri Feb 21, 2020 8:53 am

This weekend I'm going to create a virtual tour of an interior. It should be compatible with Google Street View, but I haven't found any tutorial answering these two questions:

- what skin should I use? Must I use a default Street View skin or can I use a personalized skin with deferent features, like the client's personalized logo, floor plan and multimedia content?
- the interior virtual tour will be focused just on the main rooms, using a teleport from room to room and not the 1-meter steps system, as in a normal Street View content. It is going to be accepted by Google? I have read different threads about this in the forum, but I didn't find any precise answer.

Thank you very much for your help!!!
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Fri Feb 21, 2020 9:22 am

Hi Stefano,
It should be compatible with Google Street View...
teleport from room to room and not the 1-meter steps system
Then this will not be compatible with Street View.

If you want to build a project that can have both HTML5 and Street View exports then you need to follow the rules of Street View, Geolocate nodes, add place etc.

1) Panorama size, it does not matter what size you use as Pano2VR by default will remap Street View panoramas to 12 x 6K images if they are larger and use the actual size if lower.

2) Make sure each panorama has a line of sight, so no jumping through walls. Google used to say, inside panoramas should be one meter apart and outside panoramas should be 3 meters apart. I have been using three to five meters inside and more outside.
This said Google are clamping down and have just removed thousands of images that break their guidelines, so at your own risk if you do differently from their guidelines.

3) When setting Point Hotspots, use the location data and heading for each panorama, do not manually positioning Point Hotspots as this will break Street View.

4) Skin, as Street View does not use skins, it does not matter as it will only be seen in the HTML5 output.

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Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:00 am

Thank you very much!

Everything is clear now, but I have two more questions:

- line of sight: do you think this rule takes priority over the panorama distance?
- what about multi-floor interiors? To connect two floors, should I make pano along stairs for respecting the line of sight rule?
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