Responsive floor plan with zoom button problem

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Sun May 12, 2019 4:32 pm

I'm really struggling with getting the action filter settings correct on my responsive floor plan with zoom button.

My floor plan resizes with the browser size.
When I click the zoom button it zooms to the correct size but when I click it again it zooms again instead of returning to the original size it was, which is what it should do.

This is what it looks like;

The floor plan has logic block settings so it's responsive, they work perfectly. these are;
'player width <= 1024' & 'Player Width > 480' then xy = 0.80
'player width <= 480' then xy = 0.50

The action settings;

The action filter settings(for the first zoom level);

I have uploaded a one pano version of the project here -!PV0g0CTR!PdfOiH10FdfNPx0RgJTuuA

Thanks for any help
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