How to add Auto Hide to the Thumbnail Menu with Categories component

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Mon Jan 21, 2019 3:22 pm

I had an e-mail request for the Thumbnail Menu with Categories to have an Auto Hide function.
This is quire logical to do but rather than answer the e-mail I thought I would share it in the forum.

First step is add the Thumbnail Menu with Categories component to your skin.

Add a timer, Timer 1, I renamed this to menu_auto_hide_timer but you can call it what you like.
Set the timers properties to:
Type: Manual
Timeout: this does not matter
Repeat: One Time

Then give the timer the following two actions:
Source: Deactivate
Action: Set Variable Value
Variable Name: category_visible
Operation: Set(=)
Value: false

Source: Deactivate
Action: Set Variable Value
Variable Name: node_visible
Operation: Set(=)
Value: false
Ok, that just about does it for the timer.

Now you need to add an action to the scroll area, category_scroller:
Source: Mouse Over
Action: Set Value
Value: 5
Target: menu_auto_hide_timer (the timer)

Now copy this action and paste it in the scroll area, node_scroller so both scroll areas have the same action.

Thats it.

How this works...
The Mouse over actions in both category_scroller and node_scroller will keep setting the timer, menu_auto_hide_timer to 5 seconds, you can change this value.
This keeps the timer running, however when your mouse pointer moves out of the menu the timer is no longer being updated so the 5 seconds will count down.
When it reaches 0, the timer is deactivated.
The timers actions set the variables to false which then hides the menu.

Please find skin attached.

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