Multispeciality Hospitals Virtual Reality India

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I'm jaz from India, Our Company Name " Panopics360" .
Pls Check My Work
Pls Comment Your Suggestion ... -Hospital/
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Good tour that provides a lot of information about the facility. I found it easy to get lost in all the corridors though. I think adding a floor plan (as supported in version 6) would make it much easier to navigate. Also, I saw one white board that seemed to list the names of a couple of patients. If those were real names, it might be best to blur them for privacy reasons. I liked the descriptions of the various machines that were provided. Very interesting. The drop-down menu in the upper right corner changes based on the location. You might want to consider a consolidated approach that's more static, if that can be done without getting too complex.
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My suggestions at first glance:

-- If you shoot in RAW you can better remove or filter the chromatic aberrations:
CA-Filtering.jpg (449.23 KiB) Viewed 4494 times
-- Level your panorama with vertical control points:
snap145.jpg (251.56 KiB) Viewed 4494 times
-- A button for autorotation-stop would be nice.

-- Too much field of view is warping the panorama in an unnatural way
snap148.jpg (493.29 KiB) Viewed 4494 times
-- I have difficulties reading the small font.

A very interesting tour with many new ideas for navigation. As said before, a floor-plan would be helpful.

Best regards

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2 options

IF you use RAW image use Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw converter you can remove the chromatic aberration

IF you use .JPG image then in Adobe Bridge you can also use remove the chromatic aberration
In Bridge mouse over your .jpg then select OPEN with Camera Raw Converter
Be sure to SAVE AS to a new file name
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thanks for advice ,i will look all problems or issue in my pano .kindly give more advice about dropmenu ,if you have any skin in good graphic or scg support .
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thank sir, panox good tutorial i will that ,change all ,thanks
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