Adding multiple videos to tours

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Mon Aug 06, 2018 4:25 pm

Tony did a great tutorial on how to add multiple images or text using tags etc. here

What I wanted to know is there any way to add multiple videos doing something similar. Up to present I have had no luck.
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Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:52 pm

Hi Mark,
Are you using V6? If so this this is quite easy.
You can use a similar method to Tonys project but with the video element.
Set the variable as before so the next and previous buttons can count up and down.
In this example 0 to 3.
You can add your videos under the assets as found under the Advance tab of the HTML5 output.

Open the skin editor add a video element, under its visible logic block set variable = 1 to 3 visible true.
Then give it the actions:

Variable Changed, Set Value, assets/video0.mp4, self => Action Filter: variable = 0 for the first video
Variable Changed, Set Value, assets/video1.mp4, self => Action Filter: variable = 1 for the first video
Variable Changed, Set Value, assets/video2.mp4, self => Action Filter: variable = 2 for the first video
Variable Changed, Set Value, assets/video3.mp4, self => Action Filter: variable = 3 for the first video

This is bad example to have a video play on open as most browsers won't allow this but you should get the idea.

So what should happen.
On open the variable is at 0. But no video, this is because there is no variable changed so you will have to add the video path in the video element.
You only need to do this if you want a video to play in the first node.

Then click the next button, you change the variable from 0 to 1.
The video element sees the variable change and only the action with the filter with 1 will execute, so the video will show and video1.mp4 will play.

The attached project has the same video twice, make a copy of short_tb1.mp4 and rename it to short_tb2.mp4.
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