Would like to rollover 'thumbnail_cloner' icon and have text popup

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Would like to rollover 'thumbnail_cloner' icon and have text popup

Post by RobH2 » Tue May 22, 2018 3:00 am

I'm new to P2VR and not a coder. At best I'm an average code "Frankensteiner." I'm learning the program and have a scenario that I can't figure out how to achieve.

To keep it simple, I have a component: 'Thumbnails Menu Silhouette' in a simple blank skin. I have three pano nodes in the 'Tour Browser.' The nodes have a title. So easy enough, I Output and in my browser I have a menu with 3 icons that I can switch to and between.

I'd like to be able to rollover any one of the 3 node images and have a box popup that has some historical info about the icon under the mouse pointer. I can't figure out the logic. I need a way to 'get' the name or 'user title data' from the icon I'm rolling over, I think. Then I setup an 'Action' that modifies the 'visibility' of each text block depending on what the 'user title data' name is. I"ve tried making 'variables' for the 3 text boxes and calling them. That works but I still can't access the individual node 'user title' names.

The problem is, the 'thumbnail_cloner' doesn't seem to have a way to get the names from each node. I could manually make pano icons and line them up but that's not nearly as elegant as the menu and cloner.

Is there a way to do what I'm trying to achieve?

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Re: Would like to rollover 'thumbnail_cloner' icon and have text popup

Post by Mark360 » Thu May 24, 2018 12:32 pm

Hi Rob
I am new also but I did research what you are wanting recently. I think the following should help you.

If it looks impossible you just have not found the right angle to view it from.

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