iPad Pro - Not playing Video Panoramas (iPad Mini Works)

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Isaac Brown
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Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:52 am

Hi guys,
We are developing an interactive application.

Our workflow is as follows:
- Panor2vr export with video panoramas and image fallbacks.
- Load the exported files to ProtoSee iOS iPad App.
- Run the index.html fullscreen on ipad.

We have been doing this on past projects and everything worked fine. We have just started using video panoramas (great feature BTW as we are a 3d animation studio), this is a killer feature.

Here is my problem:
when running the tour through the ProtoSee iOS iPad app on an iPad Pro (First Edition) the video panoramas do not play. I have set up my tour correctly , the EXACT same tour plays with video panoramas on our iPad mini's. I have made sure that the iOS versions and app versions are the same between iPad Pro and iPad Mini's but cannot get the video panoramas to play on iPad pro.

I am trying not to jump to conclusions, but could there be a bug here?
I would really appreciate your feedback.

Kind regards,
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