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Wed May 17, 2017 11:32 am

As you may notice, we where at the Street View Summit in Tokyo, and I just want to give you some insights that I got while talking to the Google team:

Levels is coming soon
We will implement this with Tags, so if you use the method from Martins video you will be able to assign a level to each tag, and this will be exported to Street View this way. So to prepare your projects for levels, tag them with the floor. You will be able to assign a 1-3 letter level title to each tag, so you can do "P" for Penthouse or, "U3" for underground levels. The Tag/Level List can be reordered, so it doesn't have to be an alphabetic order.
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Defining the start panorama
I have learned that it is much better to only assign a Place to a single panorama, not to all nodes. This way only the one panorama with the Place ID will be picked up for the Carousel/Knowledge Graph. Of course you can still assign a Place ID to multiple panoramas, but leave out the hallways/toilets/... The order within the Carousel is defined by a Google ranking algorithm that takes a lot of things into account, like the number of linked nodes, image size, image quality/sharpness/fidelity, age of the image, etc. if the nicest image is not the first, then this is considered a bug on Googles end. If you have bad examples where this fails, please let us know, so that we can tell Google about it.

Defining the start view
Our method of defining the start view is the correct way of doing it for the moment, if this doesn't work in the browser, then it is a bug, and Google will fix this. The Street View App works correctly at the moment.

Upcoming Pano2VR 6
We also gave a sneak peek at version 6, so here are the take aways:
  • We will add a new map tool and floor plans, that will allow you to rotate and scale constellations
  • Improved handling for extremely large tours (>10.000 nodes)
  • First beta release will be ~ July 2017
  • If you bought Pano2VR 5 in 2017, the upgrade to V6 will be free, otherwise it will be 29/79 Euros
  • More features, not related to Street View will be shown at the IVRPA conference in 3 weeks.
MfG, Thomas
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Wed May 17, 2017 5:51 pm

Thanks for the insight Thomas! That's great news. I wonder how they will deal with high-rise buildings? I just did one that was on the 21st floor. Fortunately it was only the third SV in the building. I associated the pano's with the Google+ Business account, but it came up as a blue circle, as opposed to the previous orange ones.
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