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Mon Jan 27, 2014 8:04 am

I have watched the tutorials and am not clear about the workflow to enable the flash fallback in version 4.1.0
Is this right?
1. Create a Flash output
2. Create an HTML5 output, entering the newly created swf file in the html tab for flash fallback file.
3. Then Create both?
I did this and the Flash file was preferred. It is acting as though the html5 version doesn't exist. Mobile devices only get a flash, which of course an ipad rejects right away.

Would someone please clarify this? I do not see the two outputs addressed together.

Also, in previous postings I see a reference to clicking "prefer Flash" button. This does not exist on my Version 4.1 Pano2VR Pro. Not on the HTML5 html tab.

Thank you.
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Mon Jan 27, 2014 3:18 pm

Hi first output the swf format without the html file, then output the html format- in the html format - go to html tab - enable html with normal.ggt template- now add the previously created .swf file in the flash fallback file - then uncheck the prefer flash option and output it will work. and prefer flash option is available in all versions may be you can check it once properly.
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Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:51 pm

Thank you for clarifying this.
Should the Flash fall player remain unchecked - does it interfere with the fallback flash file to have it checked?

Also, I have search high and low for the "prefer Flash" option and can't find. I would like to know where it is so I can test it.
I'm on a Mac, Pano2VR Pro V4.1.0
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Mon Jan 27, 2014 7:11 pm


This is a concern of the moment for me. I just pay it in html5 create output with 1024x500 mobile output, both at 40% quality. Pano file: 6000x3000.

- More problems with flash

- Visualization pc desktop and ipad ...

- 18 panos for a tour that weighs 20 mo for a good quality.

All this works fine on Chrome, Safari ...

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 7:23 pm

We TEST using different flavor browsers. Of course with mouse less smart phones and tablets the testing below is not possible. You could look for what browsers you have installed on these smaller devices.

Short answer: Right mouse click the panorama image and read the info box. If it reads (Made with Pano2vr) you probably are looking at HTML5. If the info box reads ( Using Flash Version ) you are seeing Flash version.

Internet Explorer 8 ,10 , version does not understand HTML5 content so it will use Flash IF the viewer plug-in is installed. Otherwise if you see a WHITE blank page - its trying to display HTML5 AND you probably do not have OUTPUT set for Flash fall back.

Internet Explorer 11 has flash player installed internally as an 'add-on'. It also understands HTML5 too. You can right mouse click on the panorama and it will display an info box reading (Pano2vr - means html5) OR the info box will display the FLASH version it is using like Flash Version 11.008.???

PC Safari version 6 may have Flash plugin installed and you should get the FLASH version info box. IF flash is not installed you will get a 'white blank screen'

Google Chrome 32.x+ does not have Flash installed unless you installed the viewer add-on or plugin. So when doing a Right mouse click you should see info box (Made by Pano2vr) if its displaying HTML5.

I think this is more or less accurate. Maybe other forum members had additional experience.
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Wed Jan 29, 2014 9:40 pm

Just to clear up the difference between Flash fallback File and Flash Fallback Player.
If you have produced a SWF file from a Flash output, then you have a Flash Fallback File. That said then you deselect Flash Fallback Player.

If you have only produced an HTML5 output but want the fallback, then select the Flash Fallback Player. Pano2VR will then produce a SWF container that will use all the files/images from the HTML5 output and display in a Flash.
The Prefer Flash checkbox does just this, an example would be if you have a browser such as Firefox with the flash plugin, then it is capable of display both outputs. With Prefer Flash selected then it will display the Flash output. With this deselected then it will show the HTML5 output.

Regardless of this setting if you open with a browser that only supports one or the other then the correct output will still open.
If you have downloaded the new beta :) then you can produce a multi resolution HTML5 output and select Flash Fall Back Player.
If you make sure that you have levels as low as 480px or as close as you can with your level sizes then this should display on many devices with a Fallback to Flash also being Multi resolution if now HTML5 browser is used.
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