HTML5: Click & drag not responsive outside of vieweable area

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Thu Sep 12, 2013 7:42 pm

I do not think there an issue to resolve.
I did mention that Dersch had a java solution that would emulate the panorama/ outside the viewer button actions similar to your page .flv sample which probably is a FLASH product.

Pano2vr is able to play flash .flv movies that have been pre-made using other authoring programs.

Did you try downloading the free "JING" [read other authoring programs] .. what were your results?

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Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:49 pm

Kirby, I agree with you. The ability to mouse-down inside and then navigate outside the perimeter of an html5 pano perimeter is a desirable behavior. Until someday, this is what I do to work-around: "Change Control Mode" so the mouse-down does not need to travel outside the perimeter of the pano. By "Change Control Mode", I am referring to "invertcontrol=0" in the xml file. It is a simple work-around, seems quite natural, and nobody has noticed enough to say anything, yet.

A code solution does come to mind. However, this is low amongst my other priorities...but if someone else were to code it, please share!
Step #1. Setup a javascript listener on the html page. (Or possibly use the pano2vr_player.js "mousedown" and "mouseup" listeners.) Listen for mouse-down and mouse-up events.
Step #2. Determine the pano container coordinates.
Step #3. Use the pano2vr javascript API commands "pano.setPan()" and "pano.setTilt()" to continue navigating whenever the mouse is still down outside the perimeter of the pano.
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