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Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:36 pm

When over in Iceland I was asked about making a text menu.
The Pro version has the markertemplate feature and of course we have quite a few power users now dropping 50 + panos in the tour browser.
So how do you make a text menu to cope with that and be quick and painless to implement.

Over to the developers is the easy answer, but in the mean time I have come up with a markertemplate so dragging images from the tour browser will create all the active elements, marker_nodes. All that is needed then is to arrange them in the skin.

To use it is simple, just make sure each pano has a user data title, if not you can change the place holder to $n in the text box to pick up the panoramas file name. See how to customise below.

Step 1,
Drag nodes from the tour browser in to the skin, this will produce a marker_node for each node.
Tip here is if you intend having the menu top right of the window, open the markertemplate and set its anchor first, otherwise you will have to go back in to all the marker_node elements to set their anchors up.

Step 2,
Position all the marker_nodes top right of the window and 22px above it, in the attached example its X: 480 and Y: -22

Step 3,
Add a button that will change the position of each marker_node.
In the project I have one button with the actions:
mouse click => Toggle Element Position => Offset X/Y: 0/22 => Target: marker_node1
mouse click => Toggle Element Position => Offset X/Y: 0/44 => Target: marker_node2
mouse click => Toggle Element Position => Offset X/Y: 0/66 => Target: marker_node3
mouse click => Toggle Element Position => Offset X/Y: 0/88 => Target: marker_node4
mouse click => Toggle Element Position => Offset X/Y: 0/110 => Target: marker_node5

Thats it.

How to customise,
Open the container hide_template_dropdown and you will see two rectangles. Their names give it away, the active one is displayed showing the node you are in. These can have their colours changed, radius and alpha altered and so on.
The text box that is picking up the User Data Title is a child of the markertemplate and can have some basic text formatting to change the font etc.
If you don't have User Data title, you can change the place holder from $ut to $n. This will pick up the panoramas file name instead.

Of course I am just using a button to drop it down, but you can also place the marker_nodes in a rectangle and then slide that in and out or arrange as a tree, many possibilities.
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