Any resolve to Addressing Multiple Skin Elements in HTML5?

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Tue May 28, 2013 5:07 am

I'm currently working on a project that has multiple narration audio files and have run into the same problems another user has experienced. The subject of the post that I’m referencing is “Addressing Multiple Skin Elements in HTML5”. I followed the exchange through to the end and searched around for similar posts and didn’t find a solution. The best I could do was to have the “Mouse Enter” action pause the “_main” audio. It works fine on my desktop, but initially fails on my iPad unless I am quite deliberate in doing the mouse enter action. After a handful of attempts it functions properly. Since the exchange ended on January 27th of this year, I’m wondering if anyone has found a solid workaround. Here is the scene I am currently working on: Note that only the hotspots on the glass doors are set up the way I described above.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Tue May 28, 2013 4:45 pm

Hi Kris,
As a work around you can hide all point hotspots when you open a popup, then when you close the popup use a stop media _main to stop the narration as well as show the point hotspot. This will then stop other hotspots being pressed while a popup is open.

Or you can add a rectangle with its alpha set to 120 in the colour picker to act as a screen tint, this will also cover the other hotspot as well as having the advantage of bringing focus to the popup.
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Wed Sep 04, 2013 12:34 am

Thanks for the response! This project has been sitting a few months due to revisions…
I tried your suggestion to hide all hotspots when a user clicks a hotspot which brings up a pop-up info box. When they click to close the info box the audio stops and the hotspots reappear. This works fine in Flash, but the hotspots do not reappear with the same command in HTML5. Perhaps I am writing the command wrong?

Mouse Click > Show Element > Target: #1t|1at|1bt|1ct|1dt|2at|2bt|2ct|2dt
1t,1at,1bt,1ct,1dt,2at,2bt,2ct,2dt are the skin IDs.

Further puzzling me is that when you click the audio-off button when viewing from an iPad, it calls the proper page, but it keeps the functionality and buttons of the audio-on page. Any idea why this happening? Again, I’m not having the same problem in Flash.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!!!
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Fri May 30, 2014 3:51 pm

I can't figure why I can't address a single icon to hide/show all hotspots in HTML5.
Anyone suggestions?
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