iPad +hand held devices issue using gyro

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Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:43 pm

Issue: We are working with an iPhone/iPad client and have panoramas gyro turned on.

Found that typically iPhone/iPad or gyro enabled devices are in the flat or near horizontal position when being used.. meaning when making a phone call, the device is near flat, user is looking down to tap the phone numbers. When web browsing the device is near flat while browsing the web.

When the iPhone /iPad gyro enabled device the user is browsing the web [visualize device in their hand] and they click on a gyro enabled panorama. We found that the panorama viewing position is pointing directly down at the nadir. Our client asked us 'why ?' our reply is because the device is near flat to the horizon so the gyro view is DOWN too. Apparantly Gyro feature is increasing the confusion factor experience.

Our Solution: disable the gyro feature. This way no matter the device... the experience will be normal.
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